Thursday 11 April 2013

Dimensional Tangle Card Blanks

These patterns were originally designed to practice Zentangling.  There are 10 blank patterns for you to use over and over again.  If you make a mistake there are spare shapes so you will never ruin a whole card whilst you are practicing your patterns.

There are 5 all occasion designs.........

.........and 5 Christmas Designs.  You can choose to try the patterns I have used for these card samples or you can practice patterns of your own.

Then of course there are 14 video tutorials to show you the many ways you can use these patterns to make fabulous cards time after time after time!   

If you don't like to Zentangle then you can stamp the blank patterns to bring a whole new look to the cards.

 Or you could try paper piecing the card designs for a whole new and fabulous look to your cards.

10 gorgeous card designs with infinite possibilities.

The following items will be sent to the email address you supply to PayPal when you purchase The Daisy Projects.
  • Full photo instructions with materials and tools lists and 10 pattern blanks (pdf format)
  • The links to give you access to 14 Video Tutorials

Note:   You will need to be able to print out the blank patterns.

This item can be supplied wherever you are in the world.  The beauty of my online classes are that you can craft at your own pace - just hit the pause button until you are ready to take the next step.  Go over things again - rewind me as many times as you like and I won't mind a bit.  Feel free to press pause and I will wait while you make a coffee, feed the children, take the dog for a walk, etc!

Have I tempted you yet?  ;-)

All this can be yours for only £8.00

My Angel and Copyright Policy is outlined on the last page of the Photo Instructions or click on this link to read them now.

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  1. Hi Helen, just wanted to stop by and say a big thank you for coming on over to the Tincan deli and leaving such a sweet comment. I have recently been seeing zentangle all over the place - I haven't tried it yet but I do doodle in Faculty meetings on occasion. I am going to try it!

  2. wonder when I can expect my order payed on okt. 29 ?
    looking foreward